AHG Roadside Assistance

Welcome to AHG Roadside Assist.

No matter where you are in New Zealand or what time of day it is, we can provide you with total piece of mind with our AHG Roadside Assist programme. You can be secure in the knowledge that we are available for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year if the unexpected happens.

AHG Roadside Assist is supplied free of charge with all applicable used vehicles (excludes vehicles over 10 years or 3.5 tonnes) sold by any AHG Dealership. It covers your vehicle for a maximum of six months, and each time you service your vehicle (recommended service) at an AHG NZ Dealership you will be offered the chance to renew your membership for an additional six months.

IMPORTANT: Any new AHG Roadside Assist policy offered from Saturday 11th February 2017 must be activated within 14 days of recieving your unique code from your AHG Dealer.

For AHG Roadside Assist or if you need help to register your membership, please freephone the below number and follow the prompts.

  0800 4AHGNZ
  0800 4 244 69

Key things to know about your AHG Roadside Assist policy:

  • AHG supplies 6 months of free standard Roadside Assist cover when you purchase an applicable used vehicle (excludes vehicles over 10 years or 3.5 tonnes) from an AHG NZ dealership.
  • Each time you service your vehicle (recommended service) at any AHG Dealership in NZ, you will be offered the chance to renew your membership for another 6 months.
  • You must register your AHG Roadside Assist policy within 14 days of recieving your unique activation code (this will be given to you at time of vehicle purchase or applicable recommended service) to validate your policy.
  • You need to be registered for a minimum of 48 hours prior to being assisted or fees and charges will apply.
  • Roadside assistance will be provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year (every day) for any registered vehicle as prescribed by AHG.
  • Roadside assistance will be delievered nationally across any part of the North and South Island of New Zealand.
  • The frequency of calls for service is unlimited during the active service period.
  • AHG Roadside Assist is provided by National Roadside Assist Pty Limited. National Roadside Assist Pty Limited work with a number of accreditated roadside providers in NZ to ensure you recieve the best service possible in a timely manner.
  • AHG Roadside Assist specifically covers the vehicle, not the driver.